The right move!

ΕΚΚΑ - Mercedes-Benz | Corporate Gift

  • Golden Drum 2009
    Golden Drum Award
  • New York Festivals 2009
    Bronze World Metal
  • Clio Awards 2009
    Design Shortlist
  • Ermis Awards 2009
    Gold Award, Direct
  • Ermis Awards 2009
    Silver Award, Design

The corporate gift of After Sales Service Division of EKKA Mercedes to selected customers. A chess set made of "sockets", the same as those used by EKKA/ Mercedes-Benz in their garages. The folding "socket" became king, the wide 22mm a tower and the small 10mm, pawns. The chrome shine was perfect for the white pieces, while the black ones were created with electrostatic paint. It was a nice coincidence that the word MERCEDES has eight letters, replacing ABCDEFGH, and even left one of the most classic openings, E2-E4, to start with the right move...